A panorama is an image stitched from multiple images, each covering a small area of the final output and having some overlap with its neighbors. There are many types of panoramas – from fisheyes to 360 degree stereographic projections to rectilinear projections. Among them, I personally prefer those that do not distort the subject and represent reality. For example, a 360 degree view is not what we, as humans, see in actual. It is therefore not a representation of reality.

A panorama that preserves the reality also gives a sense of enormousness or completeness. Such sense cannot generally be achieved even with ultra wide angle lenses because they 1) often distort the subject and 2) capture less detail/ resolution than that possible with multiple images.

The panoramas below (and elsewhere in this blog) were all stiched using Hugin/ panotools, and cropped (in some cases) using GIMP. Hovering on an image will show its megapixels.





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