eying the target!

Carrom is a very popular indoor game played between 2 teams (1-2 players per team) in the Indian subcontinent. The game involves 2 sets of 9 coins – light brown (or white) and black, along with a red coin called the Queen.

Each team plays to pocket all coins of one set and the red coin, using a larger coin called “striker”. The team who pockets them first, wins the round. Points are calculated based on how many coins of opposite set (1 point each) are left on the board, and whether the red coin was pocketed last (0 points) or followed by a “cover” (i.e. another coin of the winning team’s set; 5 points). The team who scores 29 first, wins the game.

Rules may slightly vary from one part to another of the subcontinent, especially on the rule concerning the queen.